Public Health Information Center (PHIC)

Public Health Information Center (PHIC)  (PROPOSED) 

Pokhara- 8, Newraod 


Public Health Information Center (PHIC) is a center that offers required public health information for relevant professionals, researchers, consultants, non-government organization as well as government organization and general public under Public Health Youth Society of Nepal. 

The primary purpose of PHIC is to collect public health related information and deliver up to date information to the public health professionals as well as general public. 

PHIC will collect IEC materials, research reports, journal articles, books, technical reports, policy papers, national guidelines and standards, national and international health policies and programs, health promotional posters, pamphlets and other public health related Information. 


The goal of the Public Health Information Center (PHIC) is to contribute to attainment of the national health program goals and objectives by providing public health information for general public, relevant professionals, researchers, consultants, non-government organization as well as for government organization. 


  • To collect and disseminate appropriate public health related information to the general public and public health professionals. 
  • Develop appropriate IEC/BCC materials for addressing current public health issue or problems. 
  • Raise health awareness of the people as a means to promote improved health status 
Rationale of the establishment of the PHIC 
  • The public health information center provide the detail information so that it 
  • Improve the knowledge of general public on particular health problem or issue. 
  • One can get up-to-date information about public health 

National Health Observances (NHO) 

National Health Observances (NHO) is special days, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics. By this NHO, you can educate the public about health risks, organize successful health promotion events and campaigns and get new ideas, information, and resources on public health topics of interest. It will be done through making calendar of each month and update accordingly. 
Major Activities 

Public Health Information Center (PHIC) mainly conducts health promotion, education and health communication activities at district level and below which are as follows: 

  • Celebration of health days 
  • Community interaction program for utilization of health services 
  • Conduct awareness on Non-communicable disease (NCD), Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) 
  • Capacity building on health promotion, education and health communication 
  • Dissemination of health information to the stakeholders 
  • Development of health messages in print media 
  • Press meet and health news collection, distribution and dissemination 
  • Sensitization program for prevention and control of epidemics 
  • IEC program on anti-tobacco and non communicable diseases control 
  • Production and distribution of need based IEC materials 
  • Support in establishment and management of IEC corner in each health facilities 
  • Report on the achievement on the IEC activities in time.

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